HPL establishments

Olssen supplies complete furnishings for changing rooms and sanitary areas, such as locker cabinets, wardrobes, benches and shower cubicles, which are completely custom-made. We produce all this furniture in full HPL / Volkern. These solid core products are suitable for damp rooms and cleanroom solutions.

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Complete furnishing with solid-core furniture

Olssen specializes in the complete furnishing of changing rooms in sports clubs, fitness centers, schools and the pharmaceutical industry. Our popular core product range consists of tailor-made solutions for lockers, wardrobes, sofas, transfer benches, shower cubicles and more. Volkern (HPL) furniture lasts for years and can be provided with an antibacterial top layer for special rooms (cleanrooms). When furnishing changing rooms, it is very important that there is a perfect balance between the appearance and the functionalities of the products. Think of the dimensions, colors and functions of any electronic locking options for lockers (cabinets) and cabins.

Our professionals will be happy to assist you, with personal and clear communication they will discuss all options regarding your desired design. Customization is the key to a successful project, which is why Olssen will work out every detail before the production of your total furnishings will be started.

As a producer and supplier of full-grain furniture, Olssen is a leading player in the Dutch and Belgian market. In order to create a clear picture of all possibilities regarding our custom products, an overview has been made below of part of our full-core product range that is used for the design of dressing rooms in various sectors:

Our employees are happy to help you with questions about our core solutions.

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Curious about all the possibilities?

Olssen is a leading player in the production and design of solid-core furniture for changing rooms and cleanrooms. Our lockers, wardrobes, transfer benches, shower cubicles and wall systems are of A-quality and provide years of enjoyment. For questions, please feel free to contact one of our specialists, they are happy to help you.